Electronic tax filing (e_Filing) is the process of submitting tax returns to the IRS via the internet. Currently, the IRS offers four e-file options for individual taxpayers.

1. Submit your federal tax return using the IRS Free File tool. This option is available for households with adjusted gross income of $72,000 or less. Or, if you are preparing your own tax return, a Free File Fillable Forms tool is available from the IRS.

2. Free tax return preparation services – known as IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) are available to select groups. These services offer free tax preparation help and e-file services to those that qualify.

3. Commercial tax preparation software is widely available online, and these platforms offer e-file tools as part of their offering. Completed tax returns are typically submitted directly to the IRS using e-file when the tax return preparation process is complete.

4. Authorized accounting/financial planning services (such as US Taxes, Inc.) and other authorized e-file providers will submit your completed tax return to the IRS.

A benefit of e-filing is that the tax filer receives a confirmation or rejection notice within 48 hours, and usually within 24, of transmitting the electronic documents. In addition to the prompt confirmation notice, as e-filed returns can be processed much faster than paper returns, the taxpayer can generally expect a faster tax refund, if one is due.

US Taxes, Inc. provides free electronic filing of federal and state returns for all customers who pay for tax preparation. For a fee, we can also e-file a self-prepared tax return, or a tax return that was not prepared by US Taxes, Inc. This is called a Transmit-Only Return. Contact US Taxes, Inc. at inquiries@ustaxesinc.net or 1-609-588-8181 to learn more about these services.