Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The new tax law, commonly called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” is the biggest federal tax law change in over 30 years. Below are some significant changes affecting individuals and businesses. Except where noted, the changes are effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2017. While we have… Read More

Planning For Your Child’s Financial Future

One of the future goals for your children is their financial security and assistance with education goals. It is important to demonstrate the value of saving money and taking advantage of tax breaks. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) includes provisions that affect tax planning for children and their… Read More

Substantiation Required for Charitable Donations

As a reminder following are the IRS rules for substantiating charitable donations. We encourage you to maintain the records necessary to support your claim for these donations in the event of an audit. Many taxpayers may not be able to deduct their charitable donations due to the increased standard deductions… Read More

New Deductions For Business Owners

New Deductions For Business Owners One of the more complex changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts is the ability to reduce taxable individual income for those who receive income from a pass-through business entity such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation or trust/estate.  Recipients of income from… Read More

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

We all know that the President has signed and approved the new tax bill called The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This new act impacts virtually every individual and business on a level that we have not seen in over 30 years.  This historic bill calls for lowering the individual… Read More

Contractor or Employee?

Knowing the difference is important Is a worker an independent contractor or an employee? This seemingly simple question is often the contentious subject of IRS audits. As an employer, getting this wrong could cost you plenty in the way of Social Security, Medicare, and other employment-related taxes. Here is what… Read More

Save on Insurance By Raising Deductibles

Having insurance for your home and vehicle is essential to ward off financial disaster should accidents occur. Unfortunately, insurance policies continue to become more expensive. One of the things you can do to lower your insurance cost is to consider increasing your coverage deductibles. Higher deductible, lower insurance cost Deductibles… Read More

Say Goodbye to the College Tuition Deduction

It’s hard enough to watch your child leave for college. Now you also have to say goodbye to the tuition and fees tax deduction. Congress decided not to extend this $4,000 deduction for 2017, leaving many parents worried that college will now be more expensive. But it isn’t as bad… Read More

Don’t Forget to Review Your Insurance

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance coverage? An annual insurance review makes good financial sense. Here are points to consider as you review your various insurance policies. Health care. If you have an individual policy, investigate whether your employer, union or professional association offers a less expensive… Read More