Nonprofit Annual Filing Due


Annual reporting is required for all organizations that wish to keep their nonprofit status intact. The due date for this filing is May 15, 2017 for calendar-year organizations. Here’s how you can help ensure your favorite charities stay compliant.

Check online. The IRS has a master list of charitable organizations recognized as nonprofits in good standing. Here is a link: IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check

Remind the organization. Many small nonprofits like youth sporting groups and local school booster clubs often forget about this reporting because officers are constantly rotating in and out of the organization.

Encourage them to make a simple filing. If the charitable organization has less than $50,000 in gross receipts, they can comply by sending in an 990-N e-postcard. Larger organizations must fill out Form 990.

Avoid losing status. Failure to file could cause your favorite charity to lose their nonprofit status. This can have a cascading effect on all those donating who wish to deduct their donation on their tax returns.