Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed


Knowing which self-employed business expenses qualify as tax deductions can have a significant impact on a business's tax liability. Possible self-employed tax deductions include health insurance, transportation, education, and home office expenses. Learn about self-employed individual tax deduction considerations and requirements.

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Individual Tax Return Filing Considerations for 2021


As we reach the end of the 2021 tax year, now is the time to start sorting your tax documents for an on-time individual income tax return filing. View a listing of items to consider when preparing for the filing of your individual tax return. Each item listed could have a significant impact on the amount you must pay to the IRS or the tax refund you are eligible for.

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Education Expenses IRS Tax Credits and Deductions


If you, or those that claimed you as a dependent, incurred education-related expenses during the year, or for education that is scheduled to start within the first three months of the following year, those expenses may qualify as a deduction or credit. Eligible filers, including students and parents, may be able to take advantage of tax credits and deductions if they paid education expenses, even if the expenses were paid with a student loan. Learn more about how Education Tax Credits and Deductions can reduce your tax liability.

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IRS Rules and Benefits of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)


There are three types of IRS tax audits - a Correspondence (Mail) Audit, Office Examination Audit, and a Field Audit. The IRS will notify an individual or business by mail or telephone if they are selected for an audit. Note that being selected for an audit doesn't necessarily mean that there is an issue with your tax return submission. Learn more about tax audits and representation to the IRS in the event of being audited.

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Tax Reporting Requirements and Deductions for Rental Properties


Owning an investment property can be a great way to boost your financial security and work toward financial independence. However, rental property taxes can complicate your tax return. Learn about considerations for rental property owners when reporting income and expenses associated with rental properties.

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Taking a Property Tax Deduction


The property tax deduction - which allows state and local property taxes to be deducted from the property owner's federal income taxes - is one of many benefits of being a homeowner, but you don’t need to own a house to get this tax break — there are other ways to qualify. Learn about what taxes-paid qualify for this federal tax deduction.

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